Welcome to Online Programme on School Leadership and Management

Welcome to the Online Programme on School Leadership and Management, where we connect to learn and collaborate our efforts towards school improvement and transformation. 

Let us address the WHO, WHY, WHAT and HOW questions that you might have regarding this programme. You may also like to see the video on Programme Announcement given below. 

WHO - Who is this programme for? The programme is open for Heads of Schools across the country, belonging to elementary, secondary and senior secondary levels of education. This programme can also be taken up by senior teachers aspiring to be school heads in future. 

WHY - Why has this programme been designed? We agree that the Head of a School is the prime mover of leading changes and enabling transformation. Converting ordinary schools into 'centres of excellence' demands a shift in the role of school heads from mere execution of administrative and managerial responsibilities to initiating proactive practices for school transformation. This shift requires capacity building of school heads, not through conventional models of training that are one-time but through mechanisms of long-term developmental trajectories which help school heads address real life challenges in schools. It is in this direction, School Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) is being initiated nationwide across all the levels of school education to build and enhance the capacity of school heads on a long term and continuous basis. While the National Centre for School Leadership has registered its presence through State Resource Group teams in respective States/UTs who have in turn build leadership capacities of school heads, it is felt that reaching out to each and every head of school is not feasible without the use of technology. Hence, this programme has been designed and made available to all school heads through the MOODLE platform in the form of Online Programme on School Leadership and Management (PSLM). 


WHAT - What is the content of this programme? The School Leadership Development Programme is based on the National Curriculum Framework for School Leadership Development conceptualized by the National Centre for School Leadership. The curriculum has seven key areas which have been converted into seven courses that cover all the the major roles and responsibilities of school heads. The programme begins by giving a Perspective on School Leadership followed by Developing Self, Transforming Teaching Learning Process, Building and Leading Teams, Leading Innovations, Leading Partnerships and Leading School Administration. The last course helps the school heads in consolidating the learnings and prepare a school development plan. 

The entire programme is staggered across three levels- basic, intermediate and advanced.  The present programme is at the basic level. NCSL would soon make available intermediate and advanced online programmes on its portal. Each level of online programme is divided into four quadrants comprising of e-content, self learning material, reference reading and evaluation. It is believed that each level would enable school heads to acquire necessary Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes for leading and transforming schools. The following video on Programme Overview gives detailed information on these aspects, such as, the key areas, mode of engagement, assessment and options for knowledge sharing and networking. 


HOW - How do you enroll into this programme? This is a free online programme, completion of which would secure you a Certificate in School Leadership and Management. Your journey however does not end with completion of this programme but begins with initiating small changes with the aim of eventually transforming your school. Not only that you are expected to share your learnings with NCSL at our facebook page NCSL NIEPA or on our mail id ncsl[at]nuepa[dot]org. This would connect all of us as as members of professional learning communities, who continuously benefit from each others experiences and learning. 

The video on Programme Enrolment is given on the link of Apply for Registration.           

Thus CONNECTING, COLLABORATING, COMMITTING and CONTRIBUTING towards improving the quality of education in schools of India is the key focus of this learning journey.